It has been a couple of days since my last blog... mostly because I kept forgetting about it when I actually have some free time to write. Life has been going pretty well. I have the MOST amazing husband ever. He has been helping me more around the house. The other night I was tired and wanted to go to bed around 9:30 but I asked him to do a few things around the house like unload and do the dishes, cleans Sebastian's litter, and do the laundry. and I was off to bed not really expecting him to get all of it done. I woke up at about 12:30 am and noticed that he wasn't laying there. So I got up to go look around and low and behold he had done EVERYTHING. I was so happy and every time I think about it he gets more points. *ding ding ding* I am so wonderfully blessed to have such a great husband!

On another note, God has really been meeting with us at church in a supernatural way! Pastor has been preaching some very timely sermons that have helped me greatly. Especially the one last night. Pastor preached about how sometimes people are hindered in their walk with God because they simply think that they aren't good enough to receive God's favor, grace and help. That has really been the case with me and I think that it is the case with a lot of church kids. (kids that were raised in church) I think that it really affects church kids because somehow we think of it as a check point religion, like if we do everything right then that is the only way that God will give us favor. and if we don't do everything that we are "supposed" to then we are somehow not on God's good side. But the revelation is that we are saved by grace and not our works lest any man should boast.

Our dark Circus play is preforming on Saturday in Phoenix! Which is going to be very exciting I hope we have a lot of people that come that have not seen the play before. It is a lot of work but totally worth it!! Saturday is also my friend Ingrid's bridal shower!!! She is getting married and I am so happy for her. But the only thing I can make it to is her bridal shower because we always have a lot of stuff going on at the church and it interferes with each other. Which is no big deal! At least I can go to the shower.

Then Tuesday is Alyssa's bridal shower which is going to be beautiful. I am very excited for her and Chris! I am so happy that all of the teenagers at church are finally starting to date and get married. When it is like 25 years from now we'll always remember each others wedding dates because we will all have been married close together.

Kevin and I are also FINALLY getting out of debt! Which is SO exciting <3 I can't believe that it is actually working!! In this time of "financial hardship" in America God is allowing us to surpass the ordinary and get out of debt. It feels so good, and we are almost there!

Well I think that is all for now.

Have a wonderful day <3


*White Noise*


I have finally (mostly) recovered from the horrible back pain. Now when I move I can still feel it a bit but NOTHING as to how bad it was before. So I might not be preforming in the dark circus (which is a total bummer) but on a positive note yesterday was the first Thursday I can think of that we both had off since we have gotten married! So we had a little date night. First I made us dinner and we went to Tempe Town lake to walk around some and then we went over to the men's warehouse because they are having a huge sale and we are thinking about buying a new suit for Kevin. Then we went over to Target to pick up some things that we needed. I am a very light sleeper and I have to sleep with the fan right by my ear for white noise to be able to fall asleep. During the course of the move somehow my favorite little fan ate dirt. Lol it just stopped working all together!! So we had to get a new one at Target. It was so nice being able to just go on a date and talk and spend wonderful time together <3 So we went to Target and then went to barnes and noble for a bit and then we got some frozen yogurt from mojo... It was really good but kinda expensive. All in all it was a great night and I had a great time with my wonderful hubby. He is so sweet and takes such good care of me. Another thing that I love is that there is never a dull conversation, Kevin always thinks of something crazy, or does something wierd... just to see me smile.

I love being married! one of the BEST choices that I have ever made.

I thank God for all that He has given me, when I was once a sinner who cursed His name and He took me back when I repented and gave me more than I could ever deserve. That is God's grace.



Kevin and I had a wonderful Valentine's day on Sunday. I made him a nice lunch after church and this amazingly good chocolate cake. But when I woke up on Sunday morning I had this horrible pain in my back on the right side right on my ribs. It started hurting and the pain continued throughout the night until Monday morning. When I woke up Monday morning I couldn't even move without being in such terrible pain. It even hurt to breathe... I finally talked Kevin into letting me take some strong medicine to help cure the pain and even that didnt really help. So Kevin insisted that I go to the hospital...but I got him to change it to the urgent care... Which was good because I don't like being in hospitals. So they told me that I had strained my back and the only way to fix it was to rest and LOAD UP on pain killers. It feels a bit better today, but i think that the pain killers are really helping.

The one thing that I am so bummed about is our dark Circus play. We are supposed to be preforming on the 27th and I have practice for it tonight. My part is very physical and I pretty much am sooo bummed because I am not going to be able to do it. I am frustrated because this is the second time an injury has happened to me and not permitted me to practice. I hate letting the other cast members down and the feeling of being replaced... to say the least... is horrible.

Please pray for me!!!!



Kiddo and Kitty....

It's Saturday!! And the day before Valentines day... which means lots of WORK, WORK, WORK!! Yesterday was crazy all in itself because I was asked to watch Cole Herrera because his parents are trying to move and it is rather difficult with a 2 year old unpacking everything that they try to pack. So I agreed not knowing how much of a challenge it is with a kitten and a 2 year old. To say the least this cat is going to be traumatized. Cole stayed the night with us, which was fine but Sebastian is getting jealous. So when Cole first got to my apartment he had a toy foam bat. But this bat is regular size and looks just like a bat except made from foam. So Cole has his bat and he is crying because he is deathly afraid of the cat. Automatically the cat is like what is the little human with such a loud sound? So the cat goes into attack mode. I found the toy for the kitten to play with until I could calm Cole down. All that Cole was saying was that he was going to hit the cat with the bat. And he was serious!! He even took a few swings at it... I was like OH NO... we have a problem on our hands. So I take the bat away but cole just wants to throw other things at Sebastian... And this morning they were playing on the floor and Cole wanted to hit Sebastian with the toy hammer... I actually got a really cute picture of that!

And then Cole had to take a bath to get ready for the day... so while Cole was in the bath Sebastian was curious as to what he was doing and he came to the edge of the tub to say hello. Cole slashed Sebastian a few times and kitty was out of there, as fast as lightning!

So far it has been a long day and I finally got both Sebastian and Cole asleep and it's nice and quiet around here. But i need to get some more cooking done for tomorrow. I am making a few things for tomorrow that just seem to take up a lot of time! and after a busy day i either need coffee or a nap!

All in all Cole is a great kid and I love being able to watch him! It is just funny to see them interact together.

~~Happy Saturday~~


compare and contrast

I am on my lunch break at work and I thought that I would just take some time to write! For some odd reason lately I have been comparing having a kitty to having a child (no I do not have any kids, and i am NOT pregnant!) lol. But my kitten Sebastian woke me up 3+ times last night, sleeping on my face (again!). So I am waking up in the middle of the night, I have to feed him, clean the litter, watch every little move he makes so I know he isn't getting into trouble (climbing on the counters, hiding in the freezer... things like that) ;-) and I am always loosing his little mouse toys which is kinda like how the parents always loose their kids binky's. hahaha when it comes down to it I just feel like this is preparing me for one day having kids. I love the cat, he keeps me on my toes.

Our last night of revival was yesterday, we had Roman Gutierrez come and preach for us. He did a wonderful job and we saw a lot of people get saved and souls were added into the church. Last night he prayed for people to get filled with the holy ghost and I can't ever remember seeing that many people at once going up to the alter. It was so powerful! God did a lot of work in my heart and his messages were exactly what I needed to hear. I thank God for taking me out of a life full of sin and addiction and placing me in such a great church. We serve an awesome God!

Another exciting thing that happened this week was that my old roommate Alexa got ENGAGED!!! I am so happy for her and I know that they will be blessed. And on top of that my other roommate, Bethany is finally dating!! Such perfect timing for both of them! I know that God has great things in store for their lives! It feels like our teenage "group" is finally growing up and getting married. It is weird but at the same time so exciting! Because most of this "group" has stayed saved and are very powerful people with destiny's. I am so grateful to be apart of it.

Valentines day is just around the corner! I am actually very excited about it because it is our first valentines day as a married couple! I am so happy that we can spend the whole day together.

well that is about it for now!

Here's to a weekend filled with cleaning and sweethearts!!!!


Welcome to the BLOG

So I finally decided to start up a blog. I was getting tired of wasting time on facebook and in the end have nothing to show for my time. Hmm... I don't know where to start. Well for those who don't know yet about 7 months ago on June 28th Kevin and I got MARRIED. It was one of the best decisions that I have ever made and I am so happy to have found a guy who suits me so well and that would respect me enough to save our first kiss for the alter! God knew the type of man that I needed. But, one thing is for sure... Being married is one of the most challenging things I have ever done. It is wonderful and rewarding, but it does take work and I could not ask for a better partner :-)

Last month Kevin and I moved. It was indeed an UPGRADE. (a well-needed one at that) We were living in a one bedroom- didn't have any space for nothing- tiny apartment. It was a bachelor pad for sure! The bathroom was about the same size as the kitchen! It was a trail for me to cook in there everyday. (and my favorite hobby is to cook). We also didn't have a washer and dryer in our apartment unit and had to haul tons of laundry every week across the whole apartment complex to pay 2.50 per load. It was really a challenge. But then God opened the door, when our lease was complete in December. We were able to move into a 2 bedroom apartment almost DOUBLE the size of our first one. We are only paying a little over 100 dollars more a month. But for what we have, it is a great price!

Both of us have full time jobs. Kevin works for at&t and has been there for a little over a year and I work at a medical testing lab and I have been here for almost 2 years. I love my job and have a lot of favor with my employers. God has really blessed me with this job and I actually like working here!

On Monday night we had our friends Chris and Alyssa over after one of our revival meetings at church. When they were getting ready to leave a little kitten just walked right into our house. He was very clean and well-behaved. We knew that he must have been someone's cat and so we put up a "found" sign. So far no one has come to claim the little guy and we just couldn't leave him out in the cold with nothing to eat. So we welcomed him in. His name is Sebastian and he is the sweetest cat I have ever known! He sleeps with us at night. This morning I woke up and he was sleeping on my face! Like his whole body. All I could think was, how did i not wake up earlier?!?! I'll post a picture on here.

well that is all I can think to write for now.

see ya! Thanks for reading.