It has been a couple of days since my last blog... mostly because I kept forgetting about it when I actually have some free time to write. Life has been going pretty well. I have the MOST amazing husband ever. He has been helping me more around the house. The other night I was tired and wanted to go to bed around 9:30 but I asked him to do a few things around the house like unload and do the dishes, cleans Sebastian's litter, and do the laundry. and I was off to bed not really expecting him to get all of it done. I woke up at about 12:30 am and noticed that he wasn't laying there. So I got up to go look around and low and behold he had done EVERYTHING. I was so happy and every time I think about it he gets more points. *ding ding ding* I am so wonderfully blessed to have such a great husband!

On another note, God has really been meeting with us at church in a supernatural way! Pastor has been preaching some very timely sermons that have helped me greatly. Especially the one last night. Pastor preached about how sometimes people are hindered in their walk with God because they simply think that they aren't good enough to receive God's favor, grace and help. That has really been the case with me and I think that it is the case with a lot of church kids. (kids that were raised in church) I think that it really affects church kids because somehow we think of it as a check point religion, like if we do everything right then that is the only way that God will give us favor. and if we don't do everything that we are "supposed" to then we are somehow not on God's good side. But the revelation is that we are saved by grace and not our works lest any man should boast.

Our dark Circus play is preforming on Saturday in Phoenix! Which is going to be very exciting I hope we have a lot of people that come that have not seen the play before. It is a lot of work but totally worth it!! Saturday is also my friend Ingrid's bridal shower!!! She is getting married and I am so happy for her. But the only thing I can make it to is her bridal shower because we always have a lot of stuff going on at the church and it interferes with each other. Which is no big deal! At least I can go to the shower.

Then Tuesday is Alyssa's bridal shower which is going to be beautiful. I am very excited for her and Chris! I am so happy that all of the teenagers at church are finally starting to date and get married. When it is like 25 years from now we'll always remember each others wedding dates because we will all have been married close together.

Kevin and I are also FINALLY getting out of debt! Which is SO exciting <3 I can't believe that it is actually working!! In this time of "financial hardship" in America God is allowing us to surpass the ordinary and get out of debt. It feels so good, and we are almost there!

Well I think that is all for now.

Have a wonderful day <3

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