*White Noise*


I have finally (mostly) recovered from the horrible back pain. Now when I move I can still feel it a bit but NOTHING as to how bad it was before. So I might not be preforming in the dark circus (which is a total bummer) but on a positive note yesterday was the first Thursday I can think of that we both had off since we have gotten married! So we had a little date night. First I made us dinner and we went to Tempe Town lake to walk around some and then we went over to the men's warehouse because they are having a huge sale and we are thinking about buying a new suit for Kevin. Then we went over to Target to pick up some things that we needed. I am a very light sleeper and I have to sleep with the fan right by my ear for white noise to be able to fall asleep. During the course of the move somehow my favorite little fan ate dirt. Lol it just stopped working all together!! So we had to get a new one at Target. It was so nice being able to just go on a date and talk and spend wonderful time together <3 So we went to Target and then went to barnes and noble for a bit and then we got some frozen yogurt from mojo... It was really good but kinda expensive. All in all it was a great night and I had a great time with my wonderful hubby. He is so sweet and takes such good care of me. Another thing that I love is that there is never a dull conversation, Kevin always thinks of something crazy, or does something wierd... just to see me smile.

I love being married! one of the BEST choices that I have ever made.

I thank God for all that He has given me, when I was once a sinner who cursed His name and He took me back when I repented and gave me more than I could ever deserve. That is God's grace.

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