compare and contrast

I am on my lunch break at work and I thought that I would just take some time to write! For some odd reason lately I have been comparing having a kitty to having a child (no I do not have any kids, and i am NOT pregnant!) lol. But my kitten Sebastian woke me up 3+ times last night, sleeping on my face (again!). So I am waking up in the middle of the night, I have to feed him, clean the litter, watch every little move he makes so I know he isn't getting into trouble (climbing on the counters, hiding in the freezer... things like that) ;-) and I am always loosing his little mouse toys which is kinda like how the parents always loose their kids binky's. hahaha when it comes down to it I just feel like this is preparing me for one day having kids. I love the cat, he keeps me on my toes.

Our last night of revival was yesterday, we had Roman Gutierrez come and preach for us. He did a wonderful job and we saw a lot of people get saved and souls were added into the church. Last night he prayed for people to get filled with the holy ghost and I can't ever remember seeing that many people at once going up to the alter. It was so powerful! God did a lot of work in my heart and his messages were exactly what I needed to hear. I thank God for taking me out of a life full of sin and addiction and placing me in such a great church. We serve an awesome God!

Another exciting thing that happened this week was that my old roommate Alexa got ENGAGED!!! I am so happy for her and I know that they will be blessed. And on top of that my other roommate, Bethany is finally dating!! Such perfect timing for both of them! I know that God has great things in store for their lives! It feels like our teenage "group" is finally growing up and getting married. It is weird but at the same time so exciting! Because most of this "group" has stayed saved and are very powerful people with destiny's. I am so grateful to be apart of it.

Valentines day is just around the corner! I am actually very excited about it because it is our first valentines day as a married couple! I am so happy that we can spend the whole day together.

well that is about it for now!

Here's to a weekend filled with cleaning and sweethearts!!!!

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  1. love it. wish i could have been there for either your revival or even my own.. but school I guess takes a little priority sometimes. even pastor says so! haha.

    Love kittens, but they really do act like kids, but kids are more work!

    Alexa, do I know her? Congrats to her and Bethany!
    Valentines day,.... yeah forgot about that one. Bummer for me, Happy for you! haha