Kevin and I had a wonderful Valentine's day on Sunday. I made him a nice lunch after church and this amazingly good chocolate cake. But when I woke up on Sunday morning I had this horrible pain in my back on the right side right on my ribs. It started hurting and the pain continued throughout the night until Monday morning. When I woke up Monday morning I couldn't even move without being in such terrible pain. It even hurt to breathe... I finally talked Kevin into letting me take some strong medicine to help cure the pain and even that didnt really help. So Kevin insisted that I go to the hospital...but I got him to change it to the urgent care... Which was good because I don't like being in hospitals. So they told me that I had strained my back and the only way to fix it was to rest and LOAD UP on pain killers. It feels a bit better today, but i think that the pain killers are really helping.

The one thing that I am so bummed about is our dark Circus play. We are supposed to be preforming on the 27th and I have practice for it tonight. My part is very physical and I pretty much am sooo bummed because I am not going to be able to do it. I am frustrated because this is the second time an injury has happened to me and not permitted me to practice. I hate letting the other cast members down and the feeling of being replaced... to say the least... is horrible.

Please pray for me!!!!


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