Kiddo and Kitty....

It's Saturday!! And the day before Valentines day... which means lots of WORK, WORK, WORK!! Yesterday was crazy all in itself because I was asked to watch Cole Herrera because his parents are trying to move and it is rather difficult with a 2 year old unpacking everything that they try to pack. So I agreed not knowing how much of a challenge it is with a kitten and a 2 year old. To say the least this cat is going to be traumatized. Cole stayed the night with us, which was fine but Sebastian is getting jealous. So when Cole first got to my apartment he had a toy foam bat. But this bat is regular size and looks just like a bat except made from foam. So Cole has his bat and he is crying because he is deathly afraid of the cat. Automatically the cat is like what is the little human with such a loud sound? So the cat goes into attack mode. I found the toy for the kitten to play with until I could calm Cole down. All that Cole was saying was that he was going to hit the cat with the bat. And he was serious!! He even took a few swings at it... I was like OH NO... we have a problem on our hands. So I take the bat away but cole just wants to throw other things at Sebastian... And this morning they were playing on the floor and Cole wanted to hit Sebastian with the toy hammer... I actually got a really cute picture of that!

And then Cole had to take a bath to get ready for the day... so while Cole was in the bath Sebastian was curious as to what he was doing and he came to the edge of the tub to say hello. Cole slashed Sebastian a few times and kitty was out of there, as fast as lightning!

So far it has been a long day and I finally got both Sebastian and Cole asleep and it's nice and quiet around here. But i need to get some more cooking done for tomorrow. I am making a few things for tomorrow that just seem to take up a lot of time! and after a busy day i either need coffee or a nap!

All in all Cole is a great kid and I love being able to watch him! It is just funny to see them interact together.

~~Happy Saturday~~

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